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So, poor Oso is sick again. I am truly thinking about keeping him in the house until he is 6 months. He was 30 pounds two weeks ago and lost weight with the whole giardia thing. Now he is 28 pounds two weeks later and has coccidia. He was supposed to grow and instead has only gotten thinner.

He is a happy little sick baby. I was a wreck, crying on and off. During kennel cough, the granuloma and giardia Oso was happy and pretty comfortable. For Coccidia, the symptoms came on quickly and severely.

THE UGLY DETAILS (it's about poop, so not much fun to read)

He had normal stool in the morning and then we went to the dog park. He went to the side as he often does in the beginning to poo and out came a bit of diarrhea and drops of fresh red blood. My husband pointed it out and I immediately got our vet on the phone. They were not that concerned and said to monitor him unless lots of blood starts coming out. Well, Oso tried to play, but immediately went back to trying to poop and just a stream of blood was coming. I dragged him out of the park while hubby went to pick up the poop and we took him straight to the emergency room. We didn't know if he had eaten something and I wanted anything to happen there and not with me. For the next 3 hours, Oso bled and got out tiny bits of poop. He started out happy when not straining, but soon was just exhausted and uncomfortable. He didn't want to play. It was so horrible. I was a wreck, but calmed down once I realized he wasn't in serious danger and would be ok. The vet was wonderful and I liked what she prescribed and how she answered my many questions (all the possible questions I could think of)

Anyways, as the title of my post alluded to, I got a cute photo of Oso on the vet's table to compare with the first when he was only 10 weeks old. We think he is just ADORABLE!

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Brooke said...

Have been following your blog and appreciate your detailed candid writing style as we are considering a vizsla. Please keep the informative posts coming! So sorry Oso has been so sick. That must be very difficult.

Mrs. Sanchez said...

Hi Brooke,

Thanks for the feedback and encouragement! I'll try to get some informative posts out there in the next few days. I assume you found me through the vizslaforums and I can't say enough how valuable they have been to me.

Thanks for stopping by..... FS

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