Oso is Sick and It's Driving Me Crazy

Isn't that horrible? I guess the fact that he feels great is what is so infuriating about it and that I couldn't or didn't prevent it from happening.

I had a dream that Oscar and I were looking at a litter of little 8 week old puppies along with some other people. They were rottweiler puppies, but they were cute and everyone was saying how they wanted one. Oscar asked me if I wanted another puppy and I told him I didn't think I could go through all the work again right now. At that moment, I looked back at Oso who was on a huge deck overlooking a beautiful cliff view and his leash was under a chair (holding him there). There were other dogs in similar situations separated by a partition. One dog was restrained by having his leash attached to a hook hanging from the ceiling. A closer look showed that there was no weight on the chair to keep it still, so I walked over and put his leash under something heavier (I think it was a table). I went back to Oscar thinking (as cranky wives do), what in the world was Oscar thinking? A few minutes later, something started happening with the dogs. They all starting making their way to the open side of the decks, looking down at something. Something was down there and the puppies were jumping. At first no one was alarmed, we thought they would be ok and were surprised talking about them being lemmings. Then we heard the huge booms of the chairs coming down after them (which were supposed to hold them on the deck). The dog held by the hook attached to the beam had walked off and was strangling itself. Oso and one other dog were the only puppies who hadn't fallen because they were under something heavy. Everyone was afraid to look over and see if the others were alive (which they probably weren't). And then I woke up.

Oso has giardia, which translates into diarrhea which is very difficult to pick up, but imperative!! as you don't want to affect other doggies and last night he started coughing. Could he have bordatella too? Even though he got the shots? I heard the vaccination wasn't that great and perhaps his immune system is low because of the giardia.

Hope it goes away soon. He's still a cute little beast though and the granuloma on his head is slowly decreasing in size. :)

He was prescribed:


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