Getting to know Grandpa - Shiloh's Rommel's Blitzkrieg


Oso's Grandpa on his dad's side grew up on the Chenowith farm in Illinois.

He was born on May 20, 2004 to parents Raany and Madison III. He has 2 female siblings registered with OFFA (one's a JH as well) but that's about all we know about the litter.

AKC lists him as follows:

Shiloh's Rommel Blitzkrieg, JH
SR176189/05 10-06
Golden Rust
AKC DNA#V581387

That pretty much means Mr. Shiloh's Rommel is a Junior Hunter! (received qualifying scores at 4 licensed or member tests). His DNA means his pedigree is legitimate. Something they left out is his OFA which is below:


Let's see what the Chenowith's said about one of Oso's 4 Grandpa's...

"Rommel's pedigree contains some of the top names in Vizslas today. FC AFC Buster Keaton MH, HOF DC Rebel Rouser ET, and FC AFC Raany SH. He is a full brother to NAFC 2xNGDC DC AFC Crimson's Twenty Gauge Ruger SH CGC. One of the top Vizslas in US today. Rommel has a great personality and a super buddy in the hunting filed. An all round superb house pet. Rommel achieved his Junior Hunt Title in 2009, and won the first Chukkar contest he was entered in. Come see Rommel as he works towards more title."

It reads a bit like an ad, but that's ok. It is fun for me to see the heritage. I am doing this research on breaks from writing papers for Graduate school. This is a nice break and it's interesting for me to do.

Let's continue down the line, as the Chenowith's said Mr. Shiloh's Rommel Blitzkrieg has a nice lineage.



And just as a reminder, Mr. Shiloh's Rommel Blitzkrieg paired up with Shiloh's Happy Go Lucky to make Oso's birth daddy - Union Jack!


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