AKC Registered

So, I have to admit we procrastinated a bit about getting Oso registered. As of this moment... it is done! My only hesitation is that there was no option to put two owners in, so I made Francine and Oscar part of one name, hope that's not a problem. :-) My guess is it can be fixed at some future time.

His official name is Oso Timothy Overtime Sanchez and he is a Male Golden Rust color.

Oso - In honor of a dog my husband had as a child and could not with him when he immigrated to the United States.

Timothy - The name that I think most accurately "fits" his personality.

Overtime - This little boy always speeds up while we get home. He has tons of energy and is the boy that you'd want to put in during over time. We believe he is a finisher!

Sanchez - The family name. :)

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