Bedtime Story

I was surprised to find myself telling an Oso a bedtime story to go to sleep last night.

Oso typically wakes up in the middle of the night to go potty. After that, we let him snuggle in our bed a bit before putting him to bed in his crate. Well, night before last he was digging and keeping everyone awake, trying to play, etc.

I decided it may be not be the best decision to keep him in bed and last night we should just put him back in the crate. I threw a bunch of food in there (as his kong was soiled from a mid-day bm in crate disaster) and he kept himself busy for a few seconds before realizing what had happened.

Then came the whining. Although we do NOT like to hear the whining (it's a minor form of torture), my fear came from the next step after the whining - the yelp. It is so loud that he would possibly wake up neighbors on all side of us (we are apartment dwellers).

As I was telling my husband this concern, Oso stopped whining. "Your voice," my husband says. "He stops crying when he hears your voice." So off I go in a low tone talking about a pink magic dragon the size of a housefly.

I strangely enjoyed telling this story. Not only did I talk Oso to sleep, but myself as well. When did the story end? I'm not sure.

I never expected to be telling Oso a bedtime story - BUT, it worked like magic.

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