First Day at Daycare

So, Oso had his first day at Doggy daycare yesterday. They say they have about 5 dogs a day and take him on two walks a day. "They" being the nice couple who runs the place. "They" also sent me pictures throughout the day.

Oscar and I had mixed emotions the whole day. The house felt so empty without little Oso running around in it, but we were able to get a lot done (at least for the hours we weren't working). Overall, I think it was nice.

We picked up the little boy and he was exhausted. And then, dun, dun ,dun we find that our precious baby who we try to take such good care of has a SPLINTER or a CACTUS PRICK (we aren't sure which). We do our best to get it out, it wasn't in the paw which is good, it was on his side. We got the tweezers and soap and cue tip and dug away into our poor baby. He was even bleeding, but was so tired after a couple initial little cries he fell asleep during the process. We then took him to In N Out, where he got to sit on my lap while he watched us eat. He almost got a lick of Oscar's burger, so we joked that it was all over now that he knows what human food tastes like. I'm not sure about that. We initially felt that we would never bring him back to that sweet little doggy daycare again. I'm looking into other options and there is a chance we'll go back. It seems better than a lot of its competitors. There is still another one which looks promising and I'd prefer we try that right now.

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