Toys and Staying Sane

The first two days that Oso joined our family were rough. My husband and I thought he was very cute, but were astounded at how exhausted we were. Oso was only waking up once during then night and not crying at all to go to sleep (naps were different). We were exhausted from the constant high energy required to hold Oso's interest and keep him out of trouble.

We started with only a few chew toys. My mother came to visit over the weekend and immediately said he needed more toys. To my surprise, after we came back he entertained himself for quite a while with the new toys.

This had NEVER happened for such an extended period. My husband and I had to be on him 100% of the time when he was awake - training him, making up games for him and playing with him. Toys kept him out of trouble and kept us sane.

We could actually check the email with new toys or cook dinner. This is something I was not aware of as a new puppy parent.

While I do not advocate letting your puppy play solely with toys (as this would prevent important training and bonding time with his people), I feel independent play is vital to the health of the family.

Here is Oso with his new toy after my mom visited:

I just came back with new loot from Petsmart. It is like magic. :)


akgvizslainspiration said...

Ah yes toys are great! I have a whole trash bag full that I rotate for Luna. Sometimes the ones I make she likes even better.
I hate paying retail for toys, check out and for cheaper options. They sell more wholesale prices which really helps when they are young and go through so many. When it comes to soft toys it really helps if you spend time with him as you introduce these types of toys to teach him not to tear/eat/rip them. It takes a lot of work, but they will eventually learn not to destroy them, but it must be started early.
When he becomes more of a chew-body check out for tons of options, I love this company and have spoken to reps at dog shows often and they really know their stuff. Hope this helps, things will get easier when he can go more places.
Good luck!

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