Trip to Mike & Anne's

Oso went to his first restaurant yesterday.

It was a love/hate experience. He initially loved it and then hated it. Oscar wanted to bring him and with only a little trepidation, I agreed (it is 5 minutes from our home).

Mike & Anne's is one of our local South Pasadena joys. Oscar loves breakfast here and I enjoy the lunch. Their sweet potato fries are delicious.

Oso lasted for about 10 minutes and then I took him back to the house. He began our "meal" by keeping himself busy with sniffing the bushes, knocking over his water and getting his kong and bully stick as dirty as possible. He concluded his adventure by repeatedly walking through the cast iron gate onto the restaurant side of the patio, whining and then yelping loudly for attention.

Oso fell asleep on the way back to the car and settled in nicely to the crate before I returned to finish my meal with Oscar. He isn't ready for dining with us yet. I think he could do it if in my lap, but then who would allow that? Did I mention that I took him to Bank of America, shoe shopping and to a clothing store that morning? Poor Oso... we really need to go on a walk with him. I'm sure he's looking forward to finishing his vaccinations so I can put him down on the ground in more dog-heavy spots.

Here is a couple photos from our venture. I forgot my phone, but Oscar let me use his phone to get a couple shots.

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