Picking up the Poop

I write with you about this subject with a certain degree of shock. Am I really writing concerning picking up the poop?

Well, this was an epiphany for me when it came to living respectfully with a dog in an apartment complex.

Oso has not fulfilled his vaccination schedule yet and therefore needs to poop in the courtyard, versus outside the courtyard, a very dog busy zone. Since Oso is a puppy, the quality of his poop varies from dry to wet (sometimes in the course of a single day). At first, I was very concerned that poop residue was being left on the grass and would make our courtyard less enjoyable for the other residents. I brought water out every time after he went poop and flushed the area.

I then found, da da da daaaaa, the paper towel!! When Oso squats to go poop, I simply lay down the paper towel under his back legs and walah! I fold up the towel, toss it in the trash. No trying to get it all, no grabbing it, no flushing it with water!

The grosses of my posts (I hope), yet a wonderful epiphany I had in my experience at raising Oso.

That being said, Oso hasn't pooped inside since Day1. And he rings his bell regularly!

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