Puppy Play Time

Puppy play time at our local Petco is a fun time of the week for both Oso and me. We've been 3 times now and Oso experienced a huge turn around in terms of his comfort level with other dogs. I feel so happy that our local Petco offers this. Bailey, the trainer, is just wonderful and I am able to bring Oso about 3x a week. I called around all our other Petco's and ours is the only one who offers it on a regular basis.


1) It gets Oso comfortable with other doggies.
2) It is just so cute to see all the little puppies playing with each other.
3) It is a lesson for both Oso and me as to how dog play looks versus dog fighting.
4) The same people are there day to day, week to week. It's socialization for me as well!
5) Oso gets to exert energy with his friends for 30 minutes to an hour. It is difficult to exercise him when you are scared about diseases everywhere. At puppy playtime, I sit back and watch the cuteness as Oso tire himself out.

My mother loves to watch videos of puppy playtime, so I have continued to take video footage.

Day1 - Shy Oso

Day 2 - Courageous Oso, Having fun!
*We saw a marked difference in Oso's interest in other dog's after Day 1. When he saw dog's on the street he would be so eager to go see them. With adult dogs he takes a submissive pose and wags his tail licking them all over. Most of the dogs love it, but some get annoyed. His energy level is amazingly high!

Day 3 - This video was taken specifically for my mom! Still fun for Oso.

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