Advice from Cesar Millan

I am well aware of the controversy regarding Cesar Millan. When I began reading this book, however, I was not. Upon first reading, I found the book very informative and intended to use his recommended techniques when introducing Oso II to our house. I have already learned about some techniques of Millan's that I will never use, right now this advice seems ok to me.

Unless mentioned, this information is summarized from A Member of Your Family, Ch.3 The Homecoming. There is also some great information about choosing a puppy for your family. The way Millan speaks about realistically matching energy levels is the clearest way I have read. We had already put our deposit down on Osito before I rented the book. My only hope is that we are truly the athletic people I believe we are (and this is not only my ideal).

Puppy's First Day Home

Getting into the Car

When you place the puppy in the car on your way home, don’t just place the puppy in the box and carry the box to the car. Take the puppy to the car, put the front two feet down and the brain will automatically want to put four feet wherever the other two landed. If you wait for that moment, the puppy will be able to figure out how to be on a human lap, in an automobile or in a new environment. By introducing a puppy to new places the way the mother would, the puppy instinctually understand, “Okay, this makes me feel the way I used to feel at home.” You become the puppy’s last link to this mom, or first pack.

*He will want to explore first with his body and then with his nose.

*If you want to transport him in his kennel, lure him in with food.

Getting into the House

Place the puppy just outside the apartment door and wait for him to follow you inside.

*Patience is key. (hesitancy is normal – don’t force the puppy)

*Keep calm and assertive energy.

Once inside, watch to see how the puppy adapts.

*Some will look around and begin to whine, they are saying, “I’m not familiar with this place!”

*Some may cautiously explore in a small space. (remember you MUST go first. If the puppy tries to go ahead of you, block him with your foot)

*Some puppies may come in and immediately shut down out of fear and confusion. Do NOT feel sorry for him, stand nearby, remain calm and assertive, and let the uppy go through the transition period on his own (this is how he builds self-confidence). If you pick him up right away to pet and comfort him, you are thwarting him from developing the necessary self-esteem he’ll need to be able to handle new situations in the future.

*Use scent and food to get him to follow you and to unlock the brain when it shuts down. Lead the upppy to where you want him to go both by your presence and by waving food in front of the nose. Once the puppy moves forward towards the scent, you give him the food, and quickly he will realize that if he follows that scent, he gets fed. You area lso making the association between moving forward and a safe, positive pleasant experience.

Introduce Him to the House

If he is confident and happy, lead him around the room with food until he gets tired. Then, introduce him to his kennel with food/treats. If he’s already tired, lure him into his kennel right away. DO NOT just pick him UP!

Advice for Happy Sleeping

Keep a strong pack leader in close physical proximity to the puppy.

Include scents of his litter mates, us (the new parents) and the cats.

Look into a beating heart toy or a clock to put in the bed.

Tire him out before bed

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