Osito - Our New Vizsla

My husband and I are embarking on a new journey in our life - we are getting a dog!

After weeks of searching through breed after breed we settled on a Vizsla. Their energetic level seemed to match our own. They are supposed to be sensitive, intelligent and "velcro" dogs which want to be with you all the time. They also require a huge amount of exercise.

I feel like I researched about 60 breeds before deciding on the Vizsla and the above site gave me a great quick summary on each. I just typed in, "German Short Haired Point - What's good about em" or "Vizsla - What's good about em" "Whippet - What's good about em"

etc. etc. etc.

As I'm preparing for this new journey, I am overloading myself with information. I thought posting it all on a blog would help. I truly do adore blogs.

As for the name. I will be "Oso II"

I am more of the type who wants to see the puppy, baby, fishy, kitty, etc. before naming them, but Oscar has wanted a dog named "Oso" since he left his original "Oso" in Mexico as a child. So, being the nice wife I am, Oso is the name. Plus, how cute is that. BEAR - But, with style. And little bear - how cute. I think our little Osito will be quite the teddy bear, but we won't know for sure until he comes home on the 28th.


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