Oso's Coming Home Story

It has now been over 24 hours since we brought Oso home.

This is his story:

October, 25, 2011: Chicago, Illinois - Oso was dropped off by his foster mother Michele Sideris at the O'Hare Airport at around 8:00am. He had been sleeping in his crate for four nights so far, but this would be the longest time he would spend in the crate. He wouldn't be landing at LAX until 3:00pm Illinois time, 1:08pm in Los Angeles.

His adopted parents had chosen Tuesday over a Friday delivery so that they could both be there to pick him up at the airport. Unfortunately, they didn't know they could not get him until possibly two hours after the plane landed and if Oscar (his new father came) he would be late for work. His new mom was so looking forward to the ride home with her husband and new puppy, but felt it worked out better this way in the end. Eager to see her puppy, Francine (me - adopted mom) got to the United Cargo section of LAX an hour early and was pleased to find that Oso was ready to come home.

She was shocked at his small size. He was so much cuter than the photos! Francine had brought a bag of dog food, treats, a plastic bag to pick up food and unscented dog wipes. She also brought her camera and a shirt that smelled like Oscar. What stood out most to Francine, other than the absolutely adorable little puppy that was part of her family was the incredible stench coming from the carrier. Poor Oso, of course, could not hold in his poop for so long and was forced to not only poop on himself, but stay in his own excrement. Despite this, Oso was happy and hungry.

Francine walked Oso out to the car, after signing a few papers, and stopped at the only semi grassy area in sight around the airport. At this point she attempted to take Oso out to use the bathroom, to clean him up with the wipes and give him food and water. Unfortunately, Francine had not accounted for the fact that there would be zip ties holding the carrier doors closed. She was at a loss; she couldn't get them open. She gave Oso water through the cage door and tossed the food in there as well, as Oso was yipping at the food and obviously hungry. She made the decision to drive to a store and get some scissors. The first place she saw was a gas station. She got some nail clippers, but they didn't work on the thick zip ties. While getting gas, trying to feed Oso and figure out what to do, she was "harassed" by people trying to get money at the station. At this point, she was also lost - which way was home? Neither the GPS or the iPhone was working. She pulled over at another gas station, trying to free the disgustingly smelly dog. No luck. However, at this point, the gps started working. After a long smelly ride home of Francine singing oldies to Oso and flinging dry dog food into the container, Oso finally fell asleep.

Francine had a plan for how she would introduce Oso to the house and cats, but because of his dirtyness, she had to change plans. It didn't seem like a good idea for him to get the whole house smelling like poop, so brought him straight through the kitties room to the bathroom. Oso wandered around while Francine stripped herselves of most of her clothes and cleaned the disgusting carrier. It took many simple green and paper towels - MANY!! Unfortunately Oso's wash cloth that smelled like his brothers and birth parents had to be trashed. While Francine cleaned out the carrier, Oso explored the puppy-proofed bathroom and chewed on his bully stick. He displayed a healthy curious and happy disposition. Snowball, one of Oso's feline brothers, meowed outside the bathroom the whole time. His other two feline brothers stared curiously. Francine kept popping her head out to reassure them. Oso then got a bath, was wrapped in a towel and then gone over head to toe with baby wipes. He then got to explore the home.


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