What I learned about Shipping Puppies

What I learned about Shipping Puppies

- Officially, it takes an hour or two after the plane lands to get to your little guy. I spoke with three people on the phone and everyone told me it would be pointless to get there before 2 hours. I got there an hour post flight just in case and Oso had been ready and waiting. I would have gone earlier had I known.

- Bring scissors! I was all ready to go with my baby wipes, leash, collar, treats, food, water, etc. However.... I couldn't get Oso out because I didn't have scissors or even a pocket knife to cut open the zip locks with. I didn't realize this until we were already away from the airport (so I couldn't borrow theirs). I stopped at a gas station and got nail clippers, but they didn't work on the bigger ones.

- If you get a towel with the mom and littermates scent on it, make sure the breeder tapes it on top of the carrier. Oso had pooped in his long journey to LAX and the scented towel went straight in the trash.

- A 4 hour flight can have little effect on a puppies personality. Oso was happy and curious and none worse for the wear after a very long traveling experience.

Things we did right
- His breeder got him used to the crate as a "home" several days before the flight. Oso definitely felt like it was his little home.


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