Pedigree Research

Peter faxed us Osito's pedigrees and I haven't uploaded them to the computer yet. I may post them though.

I intially checked out the legitimacy of the pedigree through:

While non show dogs are not listed here, many are listed along with their OFA health clearance for hip and elbow. I even found a photo of his great grandma.

Pretty much, Oso II has a great line on his dad's side: Junior Hunter's, Senior Hunters, Champions all the way up. The only exception is his dad's grandma (on his mom's side). His mom's mom's side seems to be unknown completely, but his mom's dad's side has master hunter's and champions.

I wonder if there are other sites for the OFA. I'll have to look into that.

**UPDATED** I looked up the OFA website and was impressed to find all the dogs in Oso's pedigree which were not listed on the Vizsla Pedigree website. This makes me feel so much better about little Oso II's health. I highly recommend this website for checking out pedigrees. It does not show the championships, but has both parents and siblings listed.

Before getting Oso II, we were considering another little Vizsla puppy. I was sold on the little guy until I started digging into his pedigree. At first I couldn't find any of the dogs on the pedigree on the vizsla pedigree website. I then started to search for the names of his parents breeders. Unfortunately, they were both associated with selling to pet shops and had had dogs of poor health associated with there names. I did not want to support any puppy mill or backyard breeder and I did not want to invest in a little puppy who may not have a very good health record.


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