Peter Sideris & Photos

Choosing a breeder was ridiculously difficult for us. We ended up going with Peter Sideris of

I was and am very wary of adopting a puppy online, however it seemed like the best option at the time. As the future unfolds we will tell.

Peter's enthusiasm and love for his dogs was apparent over the phone. He explained to us that, "he wants us to be happy, but it is more important to him that the puppy is happy." - DING!

The conversation went well. He said all the right stuff, referred us to others who had purchased from him in the past and responded to my calls and emails with lightening speed. He also had pictures and videos of the doggies showing them in the home being socialized appropriately.

We get last pick of the male puppies (so Osito will be our little left over) :)

He is one of these 3 week olds:

And one of these little guys: (Peter emailed us the photos today)

His Mom's name is Ruby:
And this is a video of us his daddy, Jack:

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